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For over 23 years, Green Valley Garage Doors has been responding to urgent requests from Clark County, NV homeowners who desperately need their garage doors repaired. From garage door installation, servicing, maintenance, and inspection, we offer a comprehensive, full-service, hassle-free solution. From something as simple as a garage door spring that’s disconnected or out of alignment, to a garage door opener that’s no longer functioning, broken cables, or misaligned tracks, our seasoned and experienced residential garage door technicians and experts can help with any urgent needs.

Whether it’s the Clark County, NV homeowner who recently returned from a long vacation only to find they can’t get into their garage, a problem with a garage door opener, or a homeowner who experienced a break-in, our company has always responded with first-rate service.

We Install & Replace Garage Doors

Our garage door repair in Henderson, NV started with the simple goal of providing residential customers with the most reliable, most affordable, most professional, and best possible garage door installation, maintenance, and inspection services they could find. That one simple goal encompasses everything we do for our Clark County, NV residential customers.

When a Green Valley Garage Doors repairman is dispatched to your residence, they’ll perform an initial inspection of the damage or issue. The in-depth training we provide a garage door repairman provides them with a wealth of experience. Always arriving prepared and with everything they need to get started, you’ll instantly come away impressed with their experience and professional demeanor.

When a Green Valley Garage Doors repairman performs a residential garage door installation, they always use nothing but the very best in materials and fasteners. The goal is to replace your current garage door with a garage door whose aesthetics and color bring out your home’s best features. However, it’s not just about color-matching. It’s ultimately about functionality and safety.

The right garage door can be paired with a high-level security system controlled through a garage door opener that provides you and your family with absolute comfort and safety at all times. A Green Valley Garage Doors repairman can perform a garage door installation with remote-access security cameras, a motion-activated lighting system, and keyless entry options. Our company puts you in total control of your property and ensures you never have to leave your vehicle until you and your family are safely inside your garage.

Our garage door installation in Spring Valley, NV services also include helping our customers select the ideal garage door for their house from various manufacturers. We then provide you with the latest garage door opener.

Common Garage Door Repairs

Whether it is roll-up garage doors that are stuck in their tracks, a garage door spring that broke, a garage door spring that is unattached and dangling, or a garage door that is off-track and misaligned, a Green Valley Garage Doors repairman has worked with all makes and models of garage doors from all manufacturers. They know what needs fixing, how to perform the repair, and what needs replacement.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Over time, the moisture and humidity of Nevada can make even the best-made garage door spring become corroded. Eventually, your garage door springs either break from excessive corrosion or lose their tension values from years of repeated opening and closing. When they lose their tension, they become loose and are more prone to causing problems. A simple solution would include replacing your garage door springs with galvanized springs that have stronger corrosion protection.

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Misaligned Tracks

Another common problem with roll-up garage doors is misaligned tracks. This issue is also caused by excessive usage, wear and tear, and sometimes insufficient lubrication or a garage door installation that wasn’t properly performed.

Worn Rollers

Problems with rollers can come from the type of materials they're made from, to corrosion or damage. Whether your roll-up garage doors have steel rollers, or plastic or nylon rollers, these tend to wear out over time.

Faulty Garage Door Opener

There are all kinds of potential causes for faulty garage door openers not working properly. Aside from the obvious dead battery issue, it’s common for misalignment caused by broken springs and misaligned tracks to interfere with signal transmission. Sometimes the safety sensors are misaligned or the receiving end imaging eye is blocked.

Broken Cables

Another issue caused by years of use and wear and tear is broken cables. However, misaligned tracks and issues with your garage door’s pulley system can place excessive strain on the cables until they eventually break.

Damaged Panels

The panels on your garage door can be damaged by an attempted break-in, someone accidentally backing up or driving into them, or even kids playing with balls and hard objects in and around the garage door.

clark county garage door broken spring

How Often To Get Your Garage Door Serviced

A good rule of thumb to avoid a costly repair is to have your garage door serviced at least once a year. However, given the high heat and humidity of our Nevada summers, twice a year is best.

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At Green Valley Garage Doors, we’re proud of the longstanding relationships we’ve developed with Clark County, NV customers we consider close friends. It’s our attention to detail, commitment to be professional at all times, ability to respond in any emergency, and constant drive for customer service perfection that has allowed us to become the best garage door contractor in Clark County, NV.

If you are experiencing problems with a garage door and need a Green Valley Garage Doors repairman for servicing, contact us now.


Excellent Company Quality Service

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Tom Carib

Who are you gonna call?
Yes, it was long overdue. We replaced our garage door with all its parts including railing, wiring, and a garage door opener.
GVGD did splendid job, not to mention, pricing was competitive. Rob and Tod were amazing; professional, courteous, and very knowledgeable.

Thank you guys

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Algis Fong

GVGD was great! Called and set up an appointment over the weekend. They were early and I didn’t have to sit at home for them. They fixed my problem and even gave me great information on how to properly care for the garage door. Thank you Roberto!

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Satoko Winning

Very pleased with service by Robert from Green Valley Garage Doors. As this was my first time having garage door problem, I heavily relied on online reviews searching who to contact. Those other happy customers were right!!
Excellent communication throughout and work was done beautifully. Robert was very kind, respectful, patient with all my questions & requests, accommodating with my schedule and limited budget. Glad to say one call to Green Valley Garage Doors made my life much easier. Huge thanks to Robert!