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Keypads & Wall Buttons

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Installation of keypads and wall buttons for your home offer a number of benefits. The primary benefits are increased security for your home and family, and convenience. Keypads allow access into your garage by way of 4-6 digit code without the need of remotes or keys. Some come with the ability to set a temporary ‘guest’ code to allow access to your garage without giving away your PIN. This can be particularly beneficial if you have children, you’re going on vacation, or if you’re worried about lost or stolen keys. Wall buttons are a hardwired method to control the garage door from inside of the garage. Some additionally control the operator light and come with motion sensor capabilities.

Benefits of Keypads & Wall Buttons

  • Increased security and control over access to your home
  • Convenience and ease of use
  • Can be integrated with smart home systems
  • Can be used to control access to specific areas of the property
  • Can be used to alert you when someone enters or exits the property.